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Welcome to Ross Escobar Group and the REG Blog! REG is a legal and business consulting firm focused on assisting small to medium sized businesses with legal solutions, human resource support, internal policy development, compliance with state and federal laws affecting their businesses, as well as marketing and business growth needs.

We get it. Ross Escobar Group is a small business helping other small businesses. We know what you are going through because we have been through similar challenges. Our clients find REG relatable, which enhances our working relationship. We believe having consultants that know where you’ve been and understand where you want to go are better able to provide real life solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. One size fits all is not an approach REG recognizes.

Time is money. REG appreciates the meaning of this phrase and our approach to business reflects this understanding. Clients don’t meet with us in REG offices miles away from their place of business. We meet with clients on their schedule at their place of business.

This approach gives our clients and REG a better opportunity to evaluate the particular business needs of their organization together, meet with other key personnel should it become necessary without having to schedule more meetings, and provides clients the to ability to show, not just tell, REG about issues needing attention. Meeting this way streamlines the process, furthers understanding, and reduces costs all while providing a comprehensive approach to developing your business solutions. And, most importantly, it keeps our clients where they want to be – growing their business.

Connect with us to schedule a consultation to discuss your business needs today.

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    REG is committed to providing unique and focused consultation to our clients by devoting personalized attention to the needs of their businesses, not simply a project. Ross Escobar Group is invested in helping in the success and growth of our clients’ businesses. REG’s success is measured by our client’s progress and satisfaction.

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