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Growing Your Business

Is it time for your small business to get a little bit bigger? Do you need more support, more space, or is it time for a more formalized working environment and relationships? Whatever your growing business needs, REG can help your business move into the next phase.

REG offers the following services to growing businesses:

• Internal policy development
    -Employee hiring/terminating policies
    -Employee training and management policies
    -Employee handbook
    -Employee incentive programs
• Health Care and other employee benefit program development
• Amended business plans
• Market analysis for new opportunities
• Determining the need for Employees or Independent Contractors
• Public Relations support
• Data security management
• Trade secret protection
• Copyright and trademark assistance
• Risk management
• Knowledge management and knowledge sharing

Contact REG for a full presentation on how we can help bring your business into the world.

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    REG is committed to providing unique and focused consultation to our clients by devoting personalized attention to the needs of their businesses, not simply a project. Ross Escobar Group is invested in helping in the success and growth of our clients’ businesses. REG’s success is measured by our client’s progress and satisfaction.

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